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Mark Levin – Obama Is A Patsy For Islamic Terror Just As Chamberlain Was For The Third Reich Nazis

Obama’s shown no indication that he loves the Constitution, he never talks about capitalism, he’s always bringing up the past, he’s always picking at scabs.

Source: Mark Levin – Obama Is A Patsy For Islamic Terror Just As Chamberlain Was For The Third Reich Nazis

Jeff Sessions: Ted Cruz was on my side to defeat the Gang of Eight amnesty bill

The Sessions-Cruz Video Fox News Doesn’t Want You to See – jeffsessionsbestsidepartinthegame

When establishment candidates are losing support with the voters, they often resort to their last subterfuge in the bag of tricks.  They try to taint their conservative opponent as something less than a consistent conservative in the hopes of deflating the momentum of said opponent.  I’ve seen this dynamic play out in almost every competitive primary.  And this is exactly what we are seeing with the entire GOP establishment media that is suddenly concerned that Ted Cruz is not really a conservative.

To those of us who worked on the immigration issue in 2013, there was no secret as to who was pushing amnesty and who was fighting for American sovereignty.  But who better than Jeff Sessions to set the record straight?  Here it is straight from the mouth of the general that Cruz was standing with him “every step of the way”:

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Civil War Erupts In Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground (Video)

Refugee centers in Sweden are being burned to the ground in what appears to be a statement against the significant number of refugees the country has allowed in. The multiple arsons have all been at facilities which house or are slated to house immigrants.

One could say that someone in Sweden is mad as hell and bringing fire and brimstone to the facilities that are to be used for refugees. Seven arson fires have occurred, all of which seem to be connected with immigrant centers.

Join the Campaign: Demand Congress FIRE PAUL RYAN!

I truly have to agree with the following.  We have no need for a Republican Party at all with actions they have been taking under the leadership of our congress.  These guys are so interested in getting re-elected or electing a Killary Beast or something else other than the most important parts of their damn jobs!  They should know the crap that is in these Bills and the damn laws they are passing and they should be informing US!  And Protecting OUR Interest


Rush Limbaugh got it dead right when he said after the new budget was unveiled, “We don’t even need a Republican Party if they’re gonna do this. Just disband the Republican party.”

According to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), lawmakers found out what was in the bill by talking to lobbyists, who had a better idea than they did as to what was being included in the bill. “No member of even the House and Senate knew what was going on,” he said. “Special interests did because we heard from lobbyists what some things were being considered.”

Tea Party Americans, Paul Ryan is not fighting Obama. He’s fighting Americans. He’s fighting you and me. So let’s give him the fight he’s looking for and PINK SLIP him out of power.

Thank you. And God Bless America.


Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party

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Donald Trump’s New Party: The American Party

The Grand Old Party is in a similar decline. In response to Donald Trump’s very common sense proposal on Muslim immigration, the newly minted speaker of the house, Paul Ryan (subjugate) declared, “that’s not who we are”. A phrase that has been used Ad nauseam by our current president.

The Law of sin and death

A very good explanation and well written. I believe you will get some meaning from this article. if not that is okay and thanks for reading. I met Tadious on #ALP and have found he is quite a unique person and worth checking out his blog.